BHSMS Student Club Listings

Medical Club (Colors for Coats)

Are you interested in Medicine? The Medical Club is a club for students interested in spreading awareness about health care disparities that affect the medical community and general public and introduce participants to the medical field. Advisor: Mr. Sharrieff and Ms. Rivadeneira.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Are you interested in a safe and inclusive space? Are you interested in equality and justice?

The GSA is a club for students interested in a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQI students and straight allies to unite and explore topics relevant to them, explore and discuss school climate and serve as a vehicle for social change and justice. Advisor: Ms. Feigenbaum

Anime Club

Are you creative and interested in the art of Anime? The Anime Club will discuss and show anime as a vehicle to explore Japanese culture. Advisor: Mr. Thompson

Women Empowerment Club

Are you interested in empowering women? The Women's Empowerment Club is a club for students interested in supporting women by discussing and bringing community awareness to women's issues. Advisor: Ms. Watt

Book Club

Are you interested in developing your love for reading? The Book Club is a club for students interested in expanding their personal literary experience by reading and discussing works chosen by the students in a friendly and open atmosphere. The club provides a safe and welcoming environment for teens to develop a lifelong interest in and appreciation for reading and learning. Advisor: Ms. McNamara


Do you like to express yourself through writing? The Journaling Club is a club for students interested in a guided journaling club that helps you make positive change through weekly prompts and reflections. Advisor: Ms. Feigenbaum

The School Newspaper

The mission of the school newspaper is that by the end of May you will have published a magazine-styled article that touches on different topics pertaining to school, the world around us, and current events. Treating this as a digital newspaper will allow you to work both independently and collaboratively with peers to put out information that is relevant and captivating. Check out the hard work students put into the Newspaper over on their own website "The Bulletin" : Advisor: Mr. Holder

Debate Club

The mission of the debate club is to provide students with a safe space to practice their oracy skills. This will allow students to work together to research, create logical and succinct points as well as counterpoints to arguments. It will focus on teaching students how to develop a debate in such a way that they can prove their point with sound reasoning and clear explanation. Advisor: Mr. Barca

Improv Club

This fast-paced action thrilled improv club will have students working on their theatrical skills. The mission is that all participating students will hone their on-the-spot acting and learn to work together to move a scene forward. They will develop the skills to act as a group and build off each other’s actions. Come join us as we learn to laugh, act and enjoy theater.  Advisor: Ms. Ballard

Foreign Language Club

If knowing one language is fun, then knowing three is even better. Come join us in our foreign language club where you will be introduced to languages from around the world and learn the basics of some of them. This club is perfect for anyone who has wanted to learn any of the Romance languages with our mission being to introduce you to a few languages and focus on learning at least one of them in greater detail. Advisor: Ms. Hartel

Dance Aerobics

Many of us are looking to get moving again and this is just the club to help with that. Joining dance aerobics will allow you to get up and move around to the fast-paced stepping activities that will leave you feeling accomplished and healthy. Our mission is to help everyone get active again, listen to some music and dance the hour away. Advisor: Ms. Klinke

Student Goverment

This club is for our student government officials who were elected by the student body in the fall. We have been meeting weekly and are going to continue to do so in our new time slot. Thank you to our SGO for helping to get the clubs running and back into action at the Bronx High School for Medical Science. Advisors: Mr. Sharrieff and Mr. Smith