BHSMS Student Club Listings

Dance Aerobics

Many of us are looking to get moving again and this is just the club to help with that. Joining dance aerobics will allow you to get up and move around to the fast-paced stepping activities that will leave you feeling accomplished and healthy. Our mission is to help everyone get active again, listen to some music and dance the hour away. Advisor: Ms. Santos, Lebron, Cirino

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Are you interested in a safe and inclusive space? Are you interested in equality and justice? 

The GSA is a club for students interested in a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQI students and straight allies to unite and explore topics relevant to them, explore and discuss school climate and serve as a vehicle for social change and justice. Advisor: Ms. Feigenbaum

The School Newspaper

The mission of the school newspaper is that by the end of May you will have published a magazine-styled article that touches on different topics pertaining to school, the world around us, and current events. Treating this as a digital newspaper will allow you to work both independently and collaboratively with peers to put out information that is relevant and captivating. Advisor: Ms. Indursky

Women Empowerment Club

Are you interested in empowering women? The Women's Empowerment Club is a club for students interested in supporting women by discussing and bringing community awareness to women's issues. Advisor: Ms. Watt

Student Goverment

This club is for our student government officials who were elected by the student body in the fall. We have been meeting weekly and are going to continue to do so in our new time slot. Thank you to our SGO for helping to get the clubs running and back into action at the Bronx High School for Medical Science. Advisors: Mr. Smith


Are you ready to learn the world of photography? Mr. Sharrieff will help you learn the right angles, lightning, types of cameras that will help you to get the perfect shot. 

Ping Pong Club

Learn how to play the fast paced game of Ping Pong with Mr. Vargas

Art Club

Have you seen the MUral on the wall from last year? Would you like to help create this year's mural? COme join the Art department in creating a beautiful mural of your own design for all to see with flick of a brush. Advisor: Ms. Carlovich, Ms Aalbue and Mr Testa

Soccer Club

Come outside on nice weather days and inside on the colder ones with Mr. Serrano and learn the art of soccer. The different positions, skills and styles that can be found all around the world in this exciting game of soccer will be taught to you as you play and run around with your friends trying to score the next GOALLLLLL.


Come join the Badminton Club where Ms. Klinke will teach you all about the art of the Birdie. You will learn the different aspects of the game and have fun playing with your friends.