Student Corner

 is the platform BHSMS uses to track student academic progress. If you need your login information please speak to any of your teachers or Ms. Blackwood.

Google Classroom is the online platform BHSMS teachers and students use to interact remotely. If you need to create a student email please use the following link: coming soon!

Additional Resources

Student Government

The School’s Student Government Organization (SGO) serves as a democratically elected representative body to students and provides service to the student community. Every fall, 12 positions are open for election school wide. These positions are: MS president, HS president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and a representative for each grade from 6 to 12. Elections are held by a secret ballot. Students nominated are encouraged to campaign and must present their platform to the student body before elections. School wide elections are organized and votes tallied by staff. Students are expected to serve as examples to the entire school community.

Student Government Representatives